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Estate & Trust Administration

The death of a loved one is never easy.  Dealing with the complications of transferring assets, probating a Will, administering a Revocable Trust, and generally administering the affairs following a death can be overwhelming.  We offer full-service representation to surviving family members and handle all aspects of the Estate & Trust Administration so that you can focus on healing from your loss.

Due to the complexities of many contemporary estate planning techniques, the process following a person's death often includes a combination of probate, trust, and other non-probate administration. We are proficient in administering complex estates with any combination of the foregoing; below is a short representative list of the services we provide:

  • Prepare and file all documents necessary to open a probate estate, including a Petition for Probate, Inventories, and Administration Accounts

  • Identify, establish values, and collect all assets of the Estate or Trust

  • Implement a formal accounting system to track all financial activity in a trust and estate for subsequent reporting

  • Obtain tax identification numbers as needed

  • Establish and manage the Estate or Trust Operating Bank Account

  • Maintain financial records for the Estate

  • Communicate directly with other advisors such as Accountants and Financial Advisors to ensure all aspects of the Administration are in tune

  • Publish Notice to Creditors and send statutorily required Notices to Trust Beneficiaries

  • Calculate Inheritance Tax if applicable and file the necessary reporting documents

  • Prepare Liability Releases for Trustees and Personal Representatives to ensure they are protected from liability related to their administration

  • Prepare all necessary tax returns, including Estate/Trust Income Tax Returns, a decedent's final Individual Income Tax Returns, and Federal/Maryland Estate Tax Returns if applicable.

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